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A little more about Ron Laurie

Ron has extensive experience across several industries, such as Advertising, Arts/Recreation, Construction/Property/Engineering, Education/Training, Information Technology/Media, Local, State and National Government, Manufacturing, Non-profit, Professional Services, Retail/Trade, Telecommunications, Transport/Warehousing and Wholesale/Distribution. 

He brings a wealth of  know-how and strategies to businesses, government and NFP  gleaned from working on leadership transformation initiatives, including:

a) providing an extensive and specialized leadership development program for over 3,000 leaders in the telecommunications sector over a 3 year period and a multi-tiered management and leadership program for a national organization of over 100,000 employees in a cultural transformation program.

b) utilising robust, proven approaches to business acceleration applied to multiple SMEs over a 20 year period locally and internationally – ASEAN Region and the USA.

He is a highly skilled advisor and facilitator who is regarded by many as an exemplar in facilitation. He successfully applies contemporary, cutting-edge, evidence-based solutions to facilitate leadership development, business growth, and organisational outcomes. He has facilitated over 2,000+ workshops, amounting to over 16,000+ hours of facilitation experience. He has engaged with 100’s of leaders and executives in coaching interactions and has logged over 2,000+ hours. He is highly respected and widely appreciated for his engaging style and ability to unlock leadership potential to impact personal positively, business and organisational outcomes.

Ron’s facilitation approach seeks to explore the interplay of awareness, thought & action in developing leadership capacities as leaders navigate the tensions of working and leading in complex and uncertain environments. He is known for being a thought leader and “ahead-of-the-curve”, having pioneered applications of leading-edge research to give businesses a competitive advantage, organisational clarity and individual empowerment.

Robert S. Hartman Institute – Board Member
Advisory Board Centre – Certified Chair and Advisor
Asia Pacific Institute of Learning & Performance – Professional Member
Organisational Development Australia – Member
Buckminster Fuller Institute – Partner
Syntropic Enterprise – Integrity Council Contributor