Human Emergence Logistics

Human emergence logistics are the deliberate actions that can be taken by  individuals and groups as they move along the continual journey of becoming influential leaders of thriving businesses

It is the scientific and researched-based approach to leadership development, business growth and purposeful action that can be tracked and measured!

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INTEG Solutions is a personalised, boutique advisory business operating in the field of leadership and business growth. It is an expression of the work of Ron Laurie a renowned leadership facilitator, advisor and coach. The company offers unique, evidence based, solutions for business and leadership growth. At the heart of INTEG’s purpose is the liberation, transformation, and emancipation of people to realise growth potential in the working environment.

INTEG deploy world best practice, specifically designed and curated strategies that accelerate growth and increase the asset value of businesses, people and leadership.

INTEG operates across three domains…